076 The Disney Exchange – Avoiding Overindulging at Walt Disney World. The Disney Exchange is Lisa, Dave, and me, Nick! Hello.

Pictured above, Nick and Lisa not being adults. Please address all hate mail to David Hodges. You’ll know why when you listen to the show.

We start off addressing an email from listener Ken and share our thoughts on making a solo trip memorable.

Our main topic covers how not to overindulge while at Walt Disney World in the categories money, food, souvenirs, adult beverages & doing too much in one day.

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13165937_10204471021254336_3900178299759221533_nPhoto : Lisa

13254323_10204471021454341_4531149545697581292_n Photo: Lisa

There seems to be a theme to the photos this week, but I can’t put a finger on it.

This week’s Wheel of Distiny topic is from listener Nicole: Do you avoid parks with Extra Magic Hours?

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