The Disney Exchange - Episode 001 Show Notes

Welcome to the first episode of The Disney Exchange! Exciting!

So, what is this Epic show about? Well, it’s about 1 hour. That never gets old.

As for actual content:

-We meet our hosts :

Dave, the local, who rubs in the fact that he has been visiting Disney Parks almost his entire life.

Lisa, the brains of the operation, who tells us a bit about her Disney background, and shamelessly plugs her blog, Living a Disney Life: Empty Nesting with Pixie Dust

Last, but not least, we meet me, Nick, the heart and soul of the podcast (This is what you get for letting me write the show notes Lisa and Dave.) and I share some of my Disney background and follow Lisa’s lead in plugging my blog Disney Musings.

-We learn why Lisa decided we should do a Podcast and why adversity, age, and beer brings us together.

-Lisa tells about how I stalked her at Starring Rolls in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

-Dave talks about how he’ll be going to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World on Christmas Day, and his past Holiday experiences.

-Lisa points out how old I am, and I go on to verify that I am indeed ancient.

-Lisa goes on to tell about her experiences with crowds during busy times, such as July,
and talk about the fact that there is no longer a slow time at Walt Disney World.

-We learn that Lisa hates the term “Bucket List”, (so be sure to use it as often as you’d like in comments, emails, etc., folks.)

-Dave and Lisa discuss their different touring styles during busy periods at WDW. Dave relates a story about the mass chaos on Main Street during fireworks during these crowded times.

-Dave tells about the 24 Hour events at Walt Disney World

-We discuss ways to escape the park crowds

-I talk about my only experience with horrible crowd levels, which was during Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary

-Lisa talks about the chaos at Epcot on New Year’s Eve

-We take a side trip to Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom, and discuss drinking and shopping on the Monorail Loop, as well as the required dress club at the Grand Floridian and Yacht Club

-Dave and Lisa share strategies for touring during busy times, and we discuss crowd levels and phases of park closer . I discover all sorts of information is available on something called the Internet.

-Inebriation at Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival is discussed, and I learn that New Orleans is a party town. This blog is both entertaining AND educational! It’s Edutainment! (Where have I heard that phrase before?)

-We sum up the Crowd Level discussion, and very briefly tease the topic of our second episode.

-Lisa launches us into a discussion of Restaurants on Walt Disney World property that we haven’t eaten at and would like visit, and we all weigh in on our opinions of those establishments.

-Dave’s pick: Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian which leads to a discussion on our most expensive meals at WDW

-My pick: California Grill at the Contemporary

-Lisa’s choice: Il Mulino New York Trattoria at the Swan (It’s okay, Dave and I weren’t aware of it either). She also throws out Yachtsman Steak House at the Yacht Club, which somehow leads into a discussion of burgers and the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club.

-Dave asks our opinions on Disney’s deal with Turner Classic Movies for The Great Movie Ride. We all agree it needs to be updated.

Our 2 least favorite scenes : My pick, Footlight Parade, Lisa’s - Tarzan

Movie memorabilia and favorite scenes are also discussed.

-We speculate as to what, if any changes will be made to the ride, as well as the Disney programming blocks planned to be throughout the year on Turner Classic Movies

-Dave signs off

We hope you enjoyed the episode and will return next week!