002 TheDisneyExchange - Disney Transportation

002 TheDisneyExchange – Disney Transportation

TheDisneyExchange -Episode 002 Show Notes

-We start the show by giving shout outs to friends in the Disney Fan Community, including Curt Stone from the Geekin’ on WDW podcast, and we discuss his Pooh to Tigger Challenge.

-We also give a shout out to Heather Brainerd, a very supportive friend who writes a series of books with her brother, so check her page out on Amazon.

-Dave introduced our main topic, Disney Transportation.

-We talk about how we all get to Walt Disney World, and Dave brags talks about being close enough to always drive.

-Lisa shares why she isn’t a fan of renting a vehicle on property, and I talk about experiences with friends who rented vehicles.

-Dave asks us to compare the difference in transportation between a value resort and deluxe resorts.

-Lisa starts squeaking, and blames it on her dog Junior.

-Lisa relates her least favorite bus experience at Old Key West and “The Little Stop of Horrors.”

-She goes on to tell about a horrible experience her children had while staying at Old Key West, and an emotionally compromised bus driver.

-Dave points out how crowded the buses often are and how there is always room for one more.

-Lisa tells about the “Bay Lake Tower Incident”, as it’s come to be known.

-Dave and I complain that there are 500 bus stops between Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter.

-I tell why Saratoga Springs is my wife’s least favorite resort. Please address all hate mail to Lisa Green.

-Lisa apparently didn’t like that she wasn’t on mic for a minute, so stops paying attention, but comes back strong with strategies to get to Downtown Disney.

-Parking is now $180 a day! Please Note - It is NOT- it is $17.

-Dave gives a helpful tip: If you are staying at either POP Century or Art of Animation, they are within a fairly easy walking distance from each other, and if one resort’s bus isn’t crowded, you can hop on that bus to get back much quicker. I go on to say that we have had no transportation issues with either of these resorts. Dave is surprised to learn that my wife, on occasion, agrees with me.

-We lose Lisa to an attack from Junior, and my internet connection drops, but we both return to discuss our opinion of buses, driving distances from our homes to Walt Disney World, and Lisa talks about driving to far flung airports, such as, say, Juneau, Alaska, for good airfaires.

-Downtown Disney and the ordeal to get there and or back is discussed.

-Dave doesn’t like the bus system, and describes his strategy of getting the earliest bus to the Magic Kingdom to avoid crowds, and I show my age again by explaining why we don’t stay until park close.

Lisa is busy taking down Christmas decorations. 

-I bring up a classic Simpsons episode and am stunned that nobody gets it. MONORAIL!

-We compare the Monorail versus boats from the Monorail Loop resorts.

-Folks, you cannot get a boat from Downtown Disney to the Magic Kingdom. 

-Walking versus the Friendship Boats between Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot, and why we love the Boardwalk.

-Lisa tells me to try the Duval Burger at Olivia’s at Old Key West, because it has shrimp and I’m allergic. Thanks Lisa!

-There is indeed a bus to the Magic Kingdom from the Wilderness Lodge.

-We tell transportation strategies each of us has. Know your schedule and the bus/boat schedule, and be nice to your bus drivers!

-I ask what happens if you are VERY late for an ADR.

-Pin Trading Tip- Ask your bus driver to see their pins, and janitors have great pins as well!

-Please leave comments and feedback, ask questions, or if you met, or meet your significant other on Disney Transportation, please contact us on:

[email protected]

Twitter: @DisneyExchange

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedisneyexchange

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