TheDisneyExchange – DVC vs. Deluxe Resorts

-Dave talks about renting DVC points, and I refer to our first and only rental experience at Old Key West.

-Lisa and I explain that DVC Rooms have trash and towel service on the 4th day. Full service is on day 8.

-We talk about room sizes at DVC resorts, and the fact that a kitchenette/ kitchen is a great way to save if you like to cook.


-I explain that we never have need to use a microwave because of my immense stature.

(I’m not fat, I’m big boned.)

-Lisa immediately breaks one of her New Year resolutions which is to actually pay attention to Dave and me, and goes on to explain that she uses her kitchenette often.

-I give room square footage for DVC and we somehow find ourselves (okay, it was MY fault) discussing LAST week’s show topic, transportation, again.

-Dave brings up the fact that some resorts are 100% DVC, such as Saratoga Springs and Old Key West, and I contemplate the next step after all the Deluxe resorts have a DVC Resort.

-Lisa and I disagree on which resort has the best location in relation to a theme park. It’s Beach Club, and since I’m typing this, I’m right.

-Old Key West’s, Saratoga Spring’s, and Animal Kingdom Lodge’s remoteness is discussed, and we all agree Animal Kingdom Lodge is AWESOME, especially during longer stays.

View from my room at the AKL

-Marathon Weekend (1/9-1/11) and the fact that there is no room availability on Disney property is discussed.

-I talk about why I feel having a higher floor at the Boardwalk Villas, and a Boardwalk View is important.

-Lisa rubs in tells about her Grand Floridian Villas point purchase and we discuss 11 month and 7 month booking windows.

-We talk about split stays, and the downside of changing resorts frequently during one trip.

-Lisa brings up the sizes of DVC Grand Villas and I get free and loose with Dave’s money.

-We revisit the location of certain resorts to theme parks and, yep, I’m right, Beach Club is closer to Epcot than Bay Lake Towers is to the Magic Kingdom. I have no hard facts to back this up, but, again, my show notes, my rules.

-How cool are those Tree House Villas at Saratoga Springs?! Have an extra bed for me for free? Contact me on Facebook! :)

-Dave asks what our favorite DVC resorts are, and Lisa defers to me after accusing us of being snarky. My choice: The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian and I explain the many reasons why.

Lisa’s is Bay Lake Tower, and Lisa gives her reasons, which apparently includes strange men handing her towels.

-We spin the Wheel of Distany, and land on the Worst Counter Service Restauarant:

Dave’s - Pecos Bills

Nick’s - ABC Commissary

Lisa’s - Pizza Planet