-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-Main Topic- A Walk Around Disney’s Animal Kingdom

-Lisa insists Animal Kingdom is a full day park. She gets there as early as possible and gets busy before heading to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner.

I disagree and get fired. Bye.

My wife, Barbie, and I generally just go half a day. This gives Lisa a stomach ache.

Dave gets there for rope drop if possible and also doesn’t stay all day, but does return later in the day.

He points out that Animal Kingdom is wonderful at night, and I agree.

-I am pretty sure the animals at Animal Kingdom are audio-animatronics. No?

-First thing we do at the park: Lisa enjoys stopping at the cast members holding critters in glass cases with critters first thing in the morning, and will stop to look as long as she doesn’t have an early FastPass. We do Kilimanjaro Safaris. Dave never gets FastPasses for the morning, opting instead to get them for late morning and early afternoon. He will ride Safari or Expedition Everest first depending on the weather.

Dave and I discuss potty locations at the front of the park.

-Touring strategies: Dave doesn’t have one, but will FastPass Expedition Everest, the Safaris and the third depends, but is normally Festival of the Lion King and he can do it over and over, seeing it every trip. I confess we’ve only seen it once. Lisa has done it 3 times in one trip.

-Dave points out I am uncultured. I don’t disagree.

-Lisa points out we (and by we, I mean the collective us, you folks included!) need to stop and observe the wonderful details in Animal Kingdom particularly in the ride queues such as Kali River Rapids. I state I’ve only ridden this once.

I once again give Lisa agita.

Photo: Lisa Green

-Lisa claims she has video proof of a frog attack on Kali River Rapids. (it happens at the 4:10 mark, btw)

-My favorite ride is Dinosaur, Dave and Lisa don’t agree. Spoiler Alert: the Dinosaurs are NOT real.

-Lisa gives ME an ulcer. She prefers Primeval Whirl to Dinosaur.

-Dave has ridden Triceratops Spin, while Lisa and I have not, because it is just a spinning ride.

-Lisa tells a Dumbo horror story, before we return to Animal Kingdom.

-Where do we eat? Dave eats at Flame Tree 75.3% of the time. Lisa eats there also, 90% of the time. She also likes Yak and Yeti’s quick serve. But her big thing is the snacks!

We learn Dave is not a sharer.

Our favorite is Yak and Yeti for sit down, Flame Tree for quick serve.

-Top 3 attractions? Dave: Rafiki Planet Watch, (in fact, so much, he likes it twice) and Festival of the Lion King. Lisa: Pangani Forest Trail, Expedition Everest, and Kilimanjaro Safari.

Me: Safari, Everest (for my wife), and Dinosaur.

I explain how my Dachshund, Squidward, looks like a Naked Mole Rat.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 4.09.38 PM 

1937429_713839898684996_7478661574193487152_n Squidward and his sister, Shnelly

-The Wheel of Distany- One Favorite Souvenir you always buy: Lisa’s is a Christmas ornament. Dave; Limited edition PIN. Me, a t-shirt.

- We meet Miss Pixie, our very own advise columnist!

-If you have a question or would like advise from Miss Pixie, contact her at:

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