-Main Topic- Things to Do On Walt Disney World Property, Outside the Parks

-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-I’d like to apologize to one of our biggest fans, allegedly, the lovely and talented Fran Drescher.

-Lisa tells of her unplanned extended vacation as well as that souvenir that keeps on giving.

-I start us off on our main topic, and go right to Fort Wilderness, where I have trouble just picking one awesome thing to do, as there are many, but settle on riding on a large mammal, also known as horseback riding.

And even though I am supposed to limit it to one thing, I sneak in carriage rides as well.

-Lisa keeps us at Fort Wilderness, and describes the 2 hour Wilderness Back Trail Adventure Segway Tour she took on her recent trip.

Photo: Lisa Green

We show off our math skills.

-Dave cools things down by taking us for a swim and relaxation in the resort’s pools, his favorite being at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House. We discuss other pools and the intricacies of pool hopping.

Photo: David Hodges

-I decide it’s time to head to Downtown Disney to bowl and have a bite to eat at Splitsville.

Please stop back to The Disney Exchange Blog later this week for a more in depth article on Splitsville.

-Lisa follows me to Downtown Disney, and goes shopping while I bowl. David and Lisa discuss recent acquisitions and the shops they most enjoy.

-Dave talks about the free Disney Boardwalk tour, and I mention The Wilderness Lodge’s free tour.

-The Wheel of Distiny topic this week: Our favorite movie released prior to the year of our birth. Yes, they made talkies before Lisa and I were born.

-Dave : Escape From Witch Mountain

-Me: Bambi. This causes an argument. Yes. An argument about BAMBI.

-Lisa: Mary Poppins

Thank you as always for listening to The Disney Exchange! (Especially you, Fran.)