-Main Topic- Run Disney

-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

I’ll apologize in advance (seems I do a lot of apologizing for the show in these notes every week, and probably for good reason), but this show is about runDisney, and fitness, and health, and I am barely in it. So, for my 2 fans out there, I’m sorry. It’s still a wonderful, and, though I hate to admit it, funny show.

-Dave and Lisa discuss their experiences with Disney Marathons, starting with Lisa telling of her completing her first runDisney events, The Glass Slipper Challenge, which consists of Enchanted 10K and The Princess Half Marathon, as well as the 5K (I know, impressive right?! I’m out of breath just typing it!) in February. Go Lisa!

11042668_10202307236281064_1369387719015488150_n  11046450_10202307253321490_6108208008535591983_n photos: Lisa Green

- Lisa thought the experience was wonderful.

Not surprisingly, Dave doesn’t exactly agree, and they discuss logistics, such as how early one needs to be up to participate in these events, corrals, and the fireworks.

-Dave talks about the Tower of Terror 10 miler which is a night event, and the impact that different timed races have on plans.

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-Sweep times, medal types and how heavy they are, medal and clothing etiquette are discussed.

-I tell of my jealousy and desire to participate in at least a 5K or 10K and we talk about running and walking the marathons.

-I ask about costs and what is included in the price. It isn’t cheap. Merchandise, the expo, the post run food boxes and the after parties are talked about.

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-The logistics of putting on the races, aid stations, medical, water, the Cast Members, appropriate clothing and the fact Disney donates discarded clothing to charity are discussed.

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-Dave and Lisa telling of the euphoria of running up Main Street towards Cinderella Castle as well as crossing the finish line make me commit to doing a 10k with them next February! It will be a Disney Exchange Event!

Registration is in July, so look for updates on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (links below).

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Wheel of Distiny : Movies we are most looking forward to this year.

Lisa- Inside Out coming out June 19th

Nick- Avengers: Age of Ultron, May 1st

Dave- Tomorrowland, May 22nd

Thank you for listening, and we look forward to talking to you again soon!