-Main Topic: A Day at the Magic Kingdom


-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-We all discuss what time we like to get to the Magic Kingdom, and all agree we like to get there for rope drop and the opening ceremony.


-Next up, what land we visit first, and the ride strategies. Dave needs a park map. I reveal my fear of water.

-We all agree morning is the best time of day to be at the Magic Kingdom, and we are podcasters, so this must be true.

-Fastpass choices are revealed and I have a senior moment when I can’t recall the name of that boat ride where we get to see the Backside of Water, elephants bathing, etc.



-Apparently Dave and Lisa use my team of handlers when I’m not looking.

-We make it almost 12 minutes in before food is brought up. I believe that is a new record!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner options are discussed. We very briefly discuss snacks, particularly at Big Top Treats and our love of the whole Storybook Circus area.

(Please stop back for a future episode which will feature favorite snacks at all of the parks.)


- Apparently people are lounging in the new hub area, causing a bit of a scandal. I am shocked.

-Must see parades and shows, such as Festival of Fantasy, which I think we have mentioned once or twice, as well as favorite firework viewing spots are talked about.


-I have yet another senior moment where I refer to Pincocchio’s Pleasure Island as “Fantasy Island.” (It never gets corrected-go ahead and listen.)

-We talk about rides we have never done as well as favorite rides by land.


-The Wheel of Distiny topic : Favorite Adult Beverages at Walt Disney World. We give several shout outs, so be sure to listen if you answered this question on our Facebook page.

Thank you for listening!

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