Main Topic- Take a Ride Vehicle Home

-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-We start this weeks show discussing Disney’s testing a pre-selection of 4 FastPasses instead of 3.

Is it limited? Time will tell. Check back, especially on our Facebook page, we’ll be keeping an eye on it.

2014-01-10-15.00.26-1080x675 photo: David Hodges

-I congratulate and compliment Dave and Lisa on their numerous Podcast guest appearances as of late. (I know, right? I was shocked to learn there are OTHER Podcasts besides ours too!)

-Spring Break is CRAZY busy.

-We get into our main topic: Ride Vehicle alternative uses. We go park to park, each choosing a ride such as one of Lisa’s choices of a Clamobile, where she converts it into a Clamobile porch swing.


-This topic really brings out Dave’s entrepreneurial side.

-This holiday season, if you go on a Christmas lights tour in a vehicle that looks like it belongs in Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and it’s being driven by a man who looks like he may have had one too many Shofferhoffer’s, be sure to say hello to him, that’s our very own David Hodges!

-Stop by Lisa’s for a refreshing glass of Clamato.

-If you see me cruising around in a street legal Time Rover from Dinosaur, flag me down for a free ride, providing my “team” which consists of my hairdresser, makeup person, wardrobe wrangler, my opera singing bodyguard (hi Bruno!), etc. aren’t taking up all the seats.

seeker2 -Seeker showing off a model of my sweet new ride.

This weeks: Wheel of Distiny topic: A Disney movie you’d like to see remade or a sequel to.

Dave: A Frozen sequel - UnFrozen

My Pick: A remake of The Black Hole

Lisa: A remake of Old Yeller

-Finally, what is your opinion of the Dumbo live action movie by Tim Burton?

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