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-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-Thank you Hatbox Mouse for the topic suggestion. Congratulations on your marriage!

-Lisa answers fan mail, to herself, during the show. Just saying.

-There are 4 ships, the Disney Magic, the Disney Wonder, the Disney Dream, and the Disney Fantasy.

-Lisa talks about her upcoming trip to Norway and the Castaway Club benefits are discussed, including a special line for boarding and gifts in your stateroom.

 Photo: Lisa

Photo: Dave

-Lisa and I agree you MUST go to Alaska!

-Dave’s cruises have been to the Bahamas, home of Starbucks. And Atlantis.

-Dave suggests getting off the ship in Nassau at least once and getting a rum cake at Tortugas.

Photo: Dave

-Port Canaveral, embarkation, parking and Magical Express from Walt Disney World is discussed. Tip everyone, folks. Okay, not fellow passengers, but if someone handles your bags, tip them.

Photo: Lisa

-Not surprisingly, the conversation turns to alcohol, and the fact Disney allows it in carry on.

If you check it, you will lose it.

 Photo: Dave

-Buffets on the ships are AWESOME!

 -Be on time for your Lifeboat Drill!
-Don’t miss the Sail Away Celebration!

-Booking on board perks and rules are discussed.
-We talk about dinner seating times. There are 2, the early has more children, the later, 830pm seating is quieter.

-Don’t miss Animators Palate on the Disney Dream. We did, and I am sad.

Photos: Dave

-Like coffee? Dave and Lisa suggests the Cove Cafe for specialty coffee. I like Disney coffee.
-Be sure to read your Navigator for information. It is a wonderful resource!

Photo: Lisa

-Look for a group on Facebook for your cruise, you can meet many friends, and get in on get group activities.
-Lisa and Dave explain the “fish extender.”

Photo: Dave

-Dining rooms are discussed. It always comes back to food eventually.
-We talk dress codes. The photo below features Lisa, her lovely family, and $20,000 worth of clothes.

Photo: Lisa

-Get your clothes laundered on the ship, especially if they are worth $20,000.

-We try to wrap it up, for 15 minutes.
-See the shows! Even if they stink! And movies! Even if they stink!

 -Castaway Cay is the best! THE BEST!

-The Pirate Party is not to be missed! Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack, and fireworks!

-Dress like a Pirate!

-Holidays are terrific on the ships!

-The spas are tremendous!

-Your kids won’t want to leave their age appropriate areas!

-Bottom line: Disney Cruises are not cheap, but they are AMAZING!

-The Wheel of DIStany topic: Favorite Walt Disney World 3D attractions.

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