-The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-Main Topic: Walt Disney World Attraction Swap Outs- We each choose an attraction from the 4 parks at Walt Disney World, be it least favorite or just in the way, and replace it with an attraction of our own devising.

-We are 21, so we are legal to drink. So we do.

-I give a shout out, and my Personal Assistant, Stephanie, makes her podcast debut.

-I still have no idea what Periscope does.

-We start with Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and immediately, I play fast and loose with the rules and we disagree with what should be eliminated and what deserves to stay.

-Dave has maybe the best idea for a petting zoo. Ever.

-Do any of you kids know what Land of the Lost is?

-Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios we start to get the impression Dave likes Roller Coasters, a lot. And Phineas and Ferb.

-Lisa almost gives me a heart attack, but redeems herself in a big way. Sorry to sass you Lisa. It is also very evident at this point that Lisa put a lot of thought into this topic.

-Lisa almost makes me cry.

-We walk over to Epcot and Lisa takes out a wonderful nap location.

-Lisa makes me happy.

-Dave designs a ride that could possibly kill anyone who rides it.

-Last, but not least, we go to the Magic Kingdom and the World’s most beautiful bathroom beacon.

Who else thinks Tangled is underrated?

-This is non alcoholic.

-Wheel of Distiny topic: Favorite Disney Princess

Photo: David Hodges

-By the way; Dave was right.

Photo of David Hodges (left) and Belle in her Ball Gown as opposed to her “Library Dress.”

-Here’s where the fun begins! -We would love it if each of you 12 listeners would vote on who had the best idea from each park.

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