-The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio  

-Main Topic: Walt Disney World Recommendations for Young Families: Part 1

-This week the part of Lisa Green is played by special guest host Heather Brainerd, who you may remember, appeared previously on Episode 13 of this very podcast!

 Photo: Heather Brainerd

-Heather introduces our topic Walt Disney World Recommendations for Young Families, and we launch into a discussion on height requirements at the parks, starting with Epcot. Once again, math rears it’s ugly head, and things just get worse when we try to figure out metrics.

-We take a walk around Future World and discuss the pavilions and what attractions are child friendly.

Photo: Heather

-Dave and his children were born giants.

-Heather gives some great suggestions for pre-trip preparation and you can hear my Michael Jackson.

-We hop the Monorail (kid friendly) and head over to the Magic Kingdom.  I can’t get anyone to sing “Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” with me.

Photo: Heather

-We give questionable advise about holding children up while taking photos.

-We question the lack of height requirements on some rides and Dave calls shenanigans!

-Have you listened to the lyrics of the songs in Country Bear Jamboree?!

-Scary rides such as Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean and the appropriate age to bring children on them is discussed.

-Note, be careful with the lap bars on Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

-The Wheel of Distiny topic this week-Favorite sweet treat at Walt Disney World.

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