By Nick

-The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio  

-Main Topic: The Best in the Lands

-We start with a shout out and Lisa has to reign us in, before we quickly (for us) get to our main topic, where David, Lisa, and I discuss our favorite attractions, shops, food, details, etc. in the lands of the Magic Kingdom.

-We start with Main Street, and I ask if seeing Cinderella Castle ever gets old?

-We go clockwise through Adventureland, and Dave and I disagree, not surprisingly on whether or not one place or another had Citrus Swirls in the past, and I think we both were confused! This is what it is like to grow old. Aloha Isle did have Citrus Swirl. Dave, I apologize?

-We very surprisingly veer off topic before going on to Frontierland.

-We may discuss this in a future episode.

-In Liberty Square we argue over the differences between Ravens and Crows.

-Sarah McLachlin, just…Sarah McLachlin.

-Off to Fantasyland.

-Dave has grown, and his favorite ride is no longer Winnie the Pooh! Will Pooh forgive him?

-Finally, Tomorrowland.

 -The Wheel of Distiny topic-  The most disgusting thing we’ve eaten at Walt Disney World.

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