-The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio  

-Main Topic: Progressive Dining Around the Epcot Area Resorts

-We start the show with a talk about how hot Walt Disney World is in the Summer, and Dave gives out a great tip to beat the heat; Don’t stand out in the sun. You heard it here first folks, feel free to pass on this knowledge to friends and family.

-A progressive dinner is a group meal where each course is served at a different venue, and we did our first show on this topic back on episode 23, so please check that out as well. And then give episodes 1-22 a listen. And 24-31 too. Thanks!

-There is an argument a disagreement about which resorts should actually be considered Epcot area resorts, and Lisa points out her info is from the actual official Walt Disney World website.

Dave intends on putting in a formal petition to have it changed.

Reader/ listener poll:  Should Caribbean Beach be considered an Epcot Area Resort?

 Photo: David Hodges

-After several hours of arguing discussing we finally get to it, and focus on restaurants at Yacht and Beach Club, Boardwalk, and Swan and Dolphin.

-We each pick a different restaurant for a before dinner cocktail/ snack, an appetizer, Lisa has a soup/ salad course, an entree and a desert.

Me and the No Way Jose

-We describe each selection, and give the prices, adding up the entire meal including tip at the end. Guess who had the most expensive meal.

-We apologize to our box wine drinking listeners.

-Wheel of Distiny topic : The best queue to stand in at Walt Disney World in the heat.

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