The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio.

We jump right into the hot topic of the week, Walt Disney World and Disneyland‘s Annual Pass price increases and discuss the different tiers, as well as changes, such as the addition of PhotoPass downloads. We discuss strategies to make the most of these changes.

Lisa is making soup and Dave turns a frown upside down.

Main topic; How to entice a non Disney person to go to Walt Disney World. We discuss options to get people that are “Disney Neutral” or maybe even anti Disney people to enjoy a trip to a Disney park.

Food. Alcohol. Those are things that bring people together. Or spa treatments, according to Lisa.

Our legal team really earns the outrageous fees we pay them on this show.

Math. Not our thing.

I know a lot about golf, and prove it.

We all agree; there is something for EVERYONE at Walt Disney World, and anyone can have a good time.

Wheel of Distiny: Favorite view at Walt Disney World.

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