O52 The Disney Exchange – A Year of Walt Disney World. The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio.

According to Google, there are 52 weeks in a year, so, Happy Anniversary to us!

It has been a real pleasure for each of you 4 people that have listened to every show to have heard me speak week after week (oh, and Dave and Lisa also), and thank you to all who have downloaded even just one of my our shows.

As we are celebrating a year of shows, the brains of the operation, Lisa, came up with a terrific topic, a look at all the wonderful activities, events, and decorations that you can experience each and every month of the year at Walt Disney World.

Dave starts us off with January, Lisa takes February, I get March, and we continue on through the year, and chime in on each others choices and sharing our own thoughts on each month.

Speaking of February, Lisa, Dave and I will all be together in Walt Disney World during Princess Half Marathon Weekend, the 18th-20th, and we will be setting up a get together, so please keep an eye on our various social media outlets for more information.

I needed help with June, and thank David Traczykiewicz for his suggestion to take an indoor tour to beat the heat, while Vanessa Gordon informed me of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. (The 2016 schedule has not been listed as of this posting.)

We lose Lisa and things get confusing, and Dave forbids me to touch anything technical.

I have not, nor will I EVER wear a Speedo.

We apologize to most of the musical acts of the 80s. And Christians.

I love both, but the Christmas decorations are the better than Halloween decorations, and since I’m writing the show notes, I’m right.

O52 The Disney Exchange – A Year of Walt Disney World

The Wheel of Distiny topic: Favorite live action Disney movie.

Thank you again for listening to The Disney Exchange, and please join us for the next!

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