063 The Disney Exchange - Value Resorts at Walt Disney World. The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green and me, Nicholas Maglio.

The main pool at All Star Movies

Lisa can’t be with us this week as she was just returning from a Disney Cruise when we recorded, but we are happy to have Dave’s wife Anne join us!

We very briefly discuss the fact that Dave, Lisa and I finally got to meet during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World, a full report will be featured on a future show, probably next episode.

In line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, front: me, Anne, Dave’s son Gabe. Next row, Lisa is waving, next to her is her husband Raymond. In back of Lisa is Dave’s daughter Dannielle, Dave, and some random person.

Dave tells about the one day visit he made to Walt Disney World the day before and how insanely crowded it was at Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios despite the fact that it was a random Thursday afternoon in February. This could be because people just naturally gravitate towards Dave.

We launch into our main topic, discussing All Star Movies, Music, and Sports, Pop Century, and, although Dave believes this should be considered a moderate, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

  Me with Mater in the Cars Land section of Art of Animation.

We share our thoughts on transportation, theme, food options, pools and rooms.

The main pool at Art of Animation 

One of the pools at Pop

  Themeing at Pop Century

The fried chicken at Everything Pop

Excellent and unique food choices can be found at AoA’s Lanscape of Flavors

Meatball Hoagie, Sub or Grinder?

This week’s Wheel of Distiny topic was inspired by Dave’s son Gabe: Favorite light saber from the Star Wars Saga. This topic inspires a long discussion on Star Wars books and animated series. Welcome to the Star Wars Podcast!

Anne’s choice:

Dave’s choice:

My choice:

Thank you for listening to The Disney Exchange Podcast, and thank you very much for joining us Anne!

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