064 The Disney Exchange - All Together at Walt Disney World.

 Me, Lisa & Dave

Lisa is back this week, and she reveals she has indeed stayed at a Value Resort! Yes, I was shocked also.

Thank you to those who have given us 5 star reviews on iTunes, they are very much appreciated. And we are up to 22 listeners. Lisa wants to know who will be 25?!

We launch into our main topic: The fact that we were all together at Walt Disney World! The brains (Lisa), the brawn (David), and the beauty (hello)!

Lisa, Dave and I met up at the Health and Fitness Expo for The Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Lisa’s husband Raymond, me, Lisa, Dave and Dave’s wife Anne

Lisa isn’t a big fan of the color pink, unless it’s a pink cup filled with beer.

We talk our about our 10K adventures and our get together at the Magic Kingdom which was sadly much too short due to rides being down, and Dave’s illness.

Anne, Belle and I 

 Dave’s lovely tall family at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Yea, we did the Country Bear Jamboree

After Dave and his family left, Lisa, her husband Raymond and I spent a very entertaining late afternoon and early evening at Epcot.

 Ladies and gentleman; The Princess Pose 


 The Prince and the Princess

Raymond Lisa and I having an adult beverage at the U.K. Pavilion


Thank you so much for coming to see us at the France Pavilion, Rebeca, Patty and Derek.


The next day, Lisa, Raymond, Barbie’s cousin Jill, Jill’s husband Zach, friends Amber and Ryan and I had a wonderful time at Jock Lindsey’s and The BOATHOUSE. It would have been better with Dave and Anne, but Dave was at death’s door!

 Ryan, Jill, Raymond, Amber, Lisa, me, and Zach


In a boat at The BOATHOUSE


It was a really fun weekend and I look forward to meeting up with my awesome co-hosts again!


Dave made up for lost time with a visit to Disney Springs and Disney’s Hollywood Studios later that week. And he did the Star Wars Dessert Party

The Wheel of Distiny topic:  One thing in a park we get a photo of every trip to Walt Disney World. (Thank you for submitting this Gaylin.)

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