The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, Dave Hodges and me, Nick Maglio. Episode 069 of The Disney Exchange Podcast - Stage Shows at Walt Disney World.

Shout out to our new listener! Lisa says it’s plural, but I am incredulous.

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We discuss the new FastPass changes coming to Walt Disney World.

This week’s show topic is Stage Shows at Walt Disney World.

It turns out I haven’t seen a lot of these shows! I need to get on that!

Is it just me or is Festival of The Lion King just a glorified circus performance?

Finding Nemo - The Musical is better, and since I’m writing the show notes I’m right.

We go off topic numerous times. Would you have it any other way? And I downloaded a sound effect app on my phone! Enjoy!

Does this ever get old?

For some reason The British Revolution is not on the Stage Show list, but are considered concert experiences. They can be found at the United Kingdom Pavilion and are very entertaining! Almost as entertaining as the audience.

The Wheel of Distiny topic: What other FastPass changes would you like to see implemented?

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