070 The Disney Exchange - Best Disney Dining Day. The Disney Exchange is Lisa, Dave, and me, Nick!

Listener / reader poll;

Who would like Disney etiquette expert Miss Pixie to return and cover your Disney etiquette questions?

We bring back the rickety wheel for Tony V. Enjoy!

After some shout outs and a call for you 3 - 4 dozen listeners to request your listener number and recommend show ideas and Wheel of Distiny topics we launch into our main topic, which was suggested by friend of the show and past guest host, Dave Tupper.

“Best Disney Dining Day.”

There were some rules: Stay on property. No budget. All food from waking up to bed time. It has to be possible, the time between establishments has to make sense.

Dave, Lisa and I get to breakfast before we lose Lisa due to internet issues, but fear not! She shares her lunch and dinner selections via instant messaging.

We somehow manage to squeeze in snacks and adult beverages like an Innis & Gunn from the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot.

This week’s Wheel of Distiny topic submitted by listener Shendl: What is a good restaurant at Walt Disney World for an Anniversary Dinner under $60?

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