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Will you be in Walt Disney World on October 7th? Would you like to meet us? Silly question, I know, of course you do! Well, we are having a meet up at Epcot’s Germany Pavilion at 3PM! Please come and say hello!

The week we are talking about dealing with large crowds and 3D attractions at Walt Disney World.

We offer our suggestions, but most of the advise and recommendations came from listeners, Facebook followers and friends! Thank you all!

The Wheel of Distiny topic : What is your favorite TV show that went to Walt Disney World for an episode? This question was recommended by listener Andy, who is #13.

What does the #13 mean? Well, that is his Listener Number! What started off as a self deprecating joke way back in the beginning of our show about the size of our audience became a badge of honor for our fans!

We appreciate all of you who listen, but if you ask for an actual Number, there is an extra benefit! Fans with Listener Numbers will be eligible to be entered in our 100th Episode Giveaway!

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