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We go on to talk about the recent announcement that alcohol will be served at 4 more venues, besides Be Our Guest, which has served it since it’s opening, in the Magic Kingdom. The other venues are Cinderella’s Royal Table, Tony’s Town Square, Skipper Canteen, and Liberty Tree Tavern, thus finally making that last one a real tavern! We share our feelings and discuss the uproar on the internet.

We go on to discuss the Annual Pass Holder lines that appear to be in a test phase at Walt Disney World.

Dave has seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story before both Lisa and me? What the…?!

Have you received the new Disney Magic Bands with the magic pucks yet? We have not! If you have, please share a picture via email or social media (links below).

We have our annual Disney Exchange Gift Exchange, and there are some, hmmmm, interesting gifts given and received.

The Wheel of Distiny topic: Favorite Disney Ornament

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