Lisa, Dave and me, Nick = The Disney Exchange Podcast

Smooth. Like ESPN? Dave does too.

We talk about Disney “Dine on the Go” which debuts January 12th at the Magic Kingdom, and if we think it is worth it.

It’s a windy day at The Disney Exchange.

Dave my be bad luck. Maybe don’t visit while he is at Walt Disney World.

He goes on to share his Disney Marathon Weekend experience, including the cancellation of the half marathon, the expense, weather conditions, and characters.

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts Merchandise is amazing!

Spring has sprung early at Walt Disney World!

Our main topic: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a snack at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

We each go around and share our choices for each meal of the day!

Most of the venues at DAK are discussed in some capacity, and really, there are so many amazing options!

Pea-can. Pea-kahn. Puh-kahn.

Birdfood. Thems good eats

The Wheel of Distiny topic this week: It seems that food booths will be a part of Epcot year round eventually, how do you feel about that?

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