Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the Storybook Circus portion of Fantasyland to discover one of the most stupendous, the most terrific, the most fantastic shopping experiences in all of Walt Disney World, the one, the only, Big Top Souvenirs!

That may have sounded like hyperbole, but this really is a fantastic place to shop and get a snack in what Lisa, Dave and I agreed in Episode 14 of The Disney Exchange is one of the best areas in the Magic Kingdom.
This shopping and dining location has a circus tent atmosphere which continues throughout.
There are circus cars all around the store, serving different purposes, such as this embroidery station.
Checkout locations:
They have all sorts of merchandise, from your basic Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse tees…
… to special items, such as these hats, mugs and plates featuring other beloved Disney characters.
You can work up and appetite doing all this shopping. Luckily Big Top Treats is there to solve this problem.
It’s great to see one of my all time favorite characters, Humphrey the Bear, represented.

You can get caramel corn, cotton candy, and Goofy Glaciers, which are essentially ices or slushies.

You can get fudge, cookies, cake pops, cupcakes, brownies, and you can even go “healthy” with chocolate covered strawberries or a caramel apple!

And you can watch many of these treats being made right before your eyes!

I bought a Mickey Candy Apple on our last trip. This is more of a meal than a snack!
How do you eat this ginormous treat? Well, you can ask to have it cut into pieces right there. Yes, it is sad, but sad delicious!
You can take your snack (or meal) outside to enjoy, and perhaps be lucky enough to catch a Main Street Philharmonic performance!
So come one, come all, to best store in all of Fantasyland: Big Top Souvenirs!