It’s Friday Eve and that means it’s time for Thoughts on Thursday!  Today our hapless trio of Disney fans exchange (see what I did there?) ideas on…

Disney Movie Most in Need of an Attraction

Lisa’s Thoughts - Mulan!  If Frozen can go to Norway, then Mulan can be a ride in China!  I’d love to follow Mulan’s and Mushu’s adventures as they save some royal treasure that’s been stolen.  Think about it - a dark ride through ancient China!  Through the countryside, temples, along the Great Wall, and through China’s ancient capitals. What’s not to love about this?  Long overdue, if you ask me.  

Nick’s Thoughts - Tangled. Yes. I know they have a very fancy rest area. But, let’s not sugar coat it, it’s a fancy restroom area, and doesn’t Tangled deserve a bit more?

I have talked about it on the show (and since I can’t recall which episode, I highly recommend you listen (re-listen?) to them all), Fantasyland could have a Snuggly Duckling themed eatery and a Trouble at the Dam themed ride adjacent to it. Think an eatery similar to but different from Gaston’s and a flume ride featuring wilder twists, turns, and drops than Splash Mountain with exciting audio-animatronic elements thrown in because the Magic Kingdom could always use another thrill ride!

Dave’s Thoughts - There are many Disney movies that need an attraction. I think they should all have an attraction. Could you imagine how exciting Bambi the roller coaster would be. I can feel your excitement already. In all reality I have been saying for years that they need a Phineas & Ferb attraction. That is one of the greatest Disney cartoons of all times and there is so much you can do with their ideas. It’s a no brainer to me. Imagineers need to just sit down and watch every season. They have already created the attraction within the show. Now they just need to make it real.

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