By Nick

There was a time I didn’t find it necessary to visit Downtown Disney, recently renamed Disney Springs, but with the addition of 2 new establishments, The BOATHOUSE, which I will review at a later date, and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, that is no longer the case.

Like most things at Disney, there is a backstory.

Jock Lindsey was an American freelance pilot who was frequently hired by Indiana Jones to fly the archaeologist to remote parts of the world. Primarily easygoing and affable, Lindsey butted heads with Jones on just one subject, his pet snake Reggie. Info from The Indiana Jones Wikia.

Lindsey stumbled upon Disney Springs, bought some waterfront property and eventually settled down, piloting seaplane tours across central Florida.

His home base soon became a popular stopover and watering hole for world travelers and locals alike.

Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar was born!  Info: Disney

The Hangar is, appropriately, aviation themed, with several nods to it’s Indiana Jones tie-in throughout.

If you see a postcard or other sign, stop and read it!

Reggie’s cage. Note, it’s open, and empty! “Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?

This Lost & Found case is by the restrooms. Look inside, and you’ll find a very prominent artifact from Raiders of the Lost Ark, as well as references to other films in the series.

Even the menu is entertaining, so take your time and peruse it.

It even includes a very handy beverage pricing index, which would be nice over at Trader Sam’s.

Over my last 2 trips to WDW, I visited Jock’s on 3 occasions, both solo and with family and friends, and enjoyed several of their really great food offerings, as well as a few of their adult beverages.

On my first solo visit I had the Squid! Why’d it have to be Squid? which is fried calamari with Harissa Aïoli and Rolling Boulders Sliders, three spicy meatball sliders served with yogurt sauce, as well as a Scottish Professor, Monkey Shoulder Blended malt Scotch Whiskey, Hendrick’s Gin, Pear Nectar, simple syrup, and fresh lemon juice, all of which are my favorites on the menu. So far!

The second time I visited was with my Disney Exchange Podcast co-host Lisa Green, her husband Raymond, my wife’s cousin Jill and her husband Zach, and friends Amber and Ryan.

Ryan bought me an Aviator’s Flight, ¾-oz pour of each Single Malt Scotch Whisky - The Macallan 12 yr Speyside, Highland Park 12 yr Orkney Islands, and Bowmore 12 yr Islay, as well as a German Mechanic which is a Bavarian Radler a.k.a. a “Shandy” with Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Simply Lemonade. I love Scotch, and this is a great flight. I’m also a Shandy fan, having previously only had them at Epcot’s Rose and Crown Pub. This was actually better!

Note, the Aviator’s Flight is served on a propellor!

I didn’t order food as we were going to lunch at The BOATHOUSE afterwards, but others in our group did and I got to sample some of the Snack of Ra, which consists of African Salads and Dips with Injera and Naan Crisps and the Air Pirate’s Pretzels.

On my final visit, I was treated to a couple of Scottish Professors and the Rolling Boulder Sliders by my friends Marilyn and Peter. I asked for extra yogurt sauce with the sliders this time, and I enjoyed this excellent option even more!

As you can see we sat outside, which offers very nice views, and there is a full bar outside as well.

So, I believe it is fairly obvious I love Jock Lindsey’s, and look forward to visiting and trying other beverages and meal on the menu.

Have you been to the Hangar Bar? What’d you think?