Thoughts on Thursday!  This week, Lisa, Nick and Dave thought about Animal Kingdom and what would make the best new animal exhibit.  Unsurprisingly, their answers varied wildly (HA! I crack me UP!)…

Lisa’s Thoughts - It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Komodo Dragon and not because I’m particularly partial to large, rather immobile reptiles.  I just like that one for some reason.  He’s oddly majestic and serious-looking.  BUT, if Animal Kingdom were to  get a new animal to display, I’d like to see koalas!  They’re cute and cuddly - what’s not to love?  Like my favorite dragon, koalas can be slow-moving too, but if Animal Kingdom created a koala exhibit, that would mean that Australia would be in the park!  As in another continent represented!  Think about how great it would be!!!

Nick’s Thoughts -You know what’s cool? Jungle cats. And you know what is a really cool jungle cat, making them cool squared? Black Panthers, like The Jungle Book’s Bagheera.

This would be a perfect time to add this majestic feline to Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the live action Jungle Book coming out April 15th. Imagine this sleek creature slinking along a field on the Kilimanjaro Safaris, or perhaps over at the Maharajah Jungle Trek, in the vicinity of the tigers to subtly reference Shir Khan and Bagheera.

Dave’s Thoughts - So, my 2 partners in crime need to think outside the box. Why would you want a koala or a black panther when you can get a dinosaur or an actual dragon, that moves fast and blows fire. Think big people. Well, since I don’t think Disney would be on board with my ideas, something about guest safety or some silliness like that, I will think small and say they should add polar bears. They are cute and seem pretty harmless.

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