By Nick

On the latest Episode of The Disney Exchange Podcast Dave, Lisa and I discuss favorite things to do, favorite things to eat, favorite shop, and favorite Disney detail in each of the lands of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and I thought I would share mine with you here, in case you haven’t already listened to the show.

We’ll start on Main Street USA and go around clockwise. It’s hard to just pick one thing that I love about Main Street, but I would have to say meeting Mickey Mouse at The Town Square Theater.

And I still love the moment I round the corner to see Cinderella Castle.

And a trip through the Emporium, even if I’m not buying anything, is a must every trip. As for food, I went with a frosty snack, (ok, it’s more than a snack, it’s a meal) at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.

And since I’m at this end of the hub, I’ll take a walk over to see Mickey and Walt represented in the Partners Statue.

Heading to the left to Adventureland, my favorite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean.

But before riding, I’ll be stopping for a Dole Whip which has found a new home at Aloha Isle.

The best detail is The Jungle Cruise. The entire ride. I love the themeing, though I confess I don’t do it every trip!

In Frontierland, my favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which is an absolute blast in the dark! My favorite detail is rock work on BTMR based on buttes in Monument Valley.

As for food, I enjoy a burger at the Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe. I really enjoy checking out the pins and Vinylmation in the Frontier Trading Post.


Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride in Liberty Square, in fact, it’s my favorite attraction in Magic Kingdom, my favorite detail being the glowing eyes in the wallpaper, with the breathing door that comes up shortly after that a close second.

I don’t often eat in L.S.,  but I have enjoyed a Nutella and berry waffle at Sleepy Hollow. As for shop, hands down, maybe my favorite shop in the park is Momento Mori.

And then there is Fantasyland. So many wonderful details. To sort of narrow it down without actually narrowing it down, I’ll pick Be Our Guest. The whole thing!

As for favorite ride, Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train is a blast, again, like Big Thunder, at night. As for food, let’s head back to Be Our Guest, where I will have the Braised Pork, though the steak is also pretty darn good. As for shops, be sure to stop into Big Top Souvenirs.

In Tomorrowland, I’m going old school, and picking Carousel of Progress.

My favorite detail is the model of the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow which can be seen while riding the Tomorrowland  Transit Authority Peoplemover. As for food, I enjoy having a meal of any type, though it’s generally a burger at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe, mostly so I can enjoy the musical stylings of Sonny Eclipse.

So there you go, my favorites. What are some of yours?