The Flying Fish Cafe

Dave Hodges, Blogger, Podcaster, Travel Expert

11 March 2017

The dining options at Walt Disney World (WDW) are top notch. The hardest part is deciding where to dine. There is everything from small kiosks with single servings to a AAA Five Diamond Award-winning restaurant in Victoria and Alberts. When I dine at WDW I tend to stick with the lower end kiosks and counter service, but there are times when I like to splurge. A few weekends ago Anne and I decided to drive down to WDW for a date night. We chose the Flying Fish restaurant at the Boardwalk. Here are my thoughts.

Our reservation was at 855 pm on a Friday night. I figured by choosing a later time we wouldn’t have to deal with crowds. This was not the case. The restaurant was still crowded, but we were still seated very close to our reservation time.

The service… It was both good and bad. When the server actually showed up to the table it was great. He was charismatic and knew the menu well. The bad part was it took him quite a while to come to our table and there was quite a bit of time between visits. We ordered our drinks, which took a while to get. We like to get in and out of a restaurant. I felt like this was the type of restaurant where no one was in a hurry to do anything. So, if you like to really take your time dining then this could be a good place for you. It was not ideal for us.

Flying Fish

10 February 2017

Photograph by Dave Hodges

The Food… It was good. I knew what I was getting into when I booked so I knew the prices were going to be way higher than my usual dining experience. I was not surprised but the prices, but I thought the food and service would be above and beyond. It was not. The food was good, but not great.

The atmosphere… I felt like the atmosphere was a little stuffy for my liking. The restaurant is beautiful and if you like fine dining then you will probably enjoy this restaurant. I am sure you’re picking up on a theme here. My wife and I are not fine diners. We do enjoy a nice meal, but this was a little too fine for us. I did like the fact that the tables were spaced out well. Many of the restaurants at WDW have tables so close to each other that you feel like you’re dining with the people next to you. There is no privacy. The Flying Fish gives you plenty of room between tables.

Overall thoughts… The Flying Fish is a beautiful restaurant with pretty good food and decent service. If you enjoy the finer things in life then you would probably enjoy dining there. For the quick serve regulars, this may be a little over the top for your taste. Overall, it was a nice experience for my wife and I to enjoy together, but we will probably not be going back.

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