By Nick

On Episode 29 of The Disney Exchange Podcast Lisa, Dave and I discussed Disney To Dos in 3 categories: inexpensive, moderately priced, and expensive.

One of Lisa’s choices was to go mini golfing, and I have done just that, at Winter Summerland.

Miniature golf at Disney’s Winter Summerland is an enjoyable respite from the heat or the crowds, or both! Located next to Disney’s Blizzard Beach, this mini golf spot actually has 2 courses, one a beach theme, and one a North Pole snowy theme.

And, as you’d expect from Disney, these courses are not only wonderfully themed but have an imaginative back story.

One Christmas Eve, as Santa was flying over Florida, he discovered a snowy spot in this tropical locale. After investigating this anomaly, he decided to build a vacation spot for his elves to enjoy on their downtime. A Winter Summerland!

Apparently some elves wanted to enjoy a more authentic Floridian vacation, so they built the Summer side of the course.

Other elves recreated a more “homey” course, complete with a, ski slope, ice fishing pond, a snowman, and even a snow castle.

My wife, friends, and I played the winter side. It is great fun, and there are plenty of surprise effects throughout.
You will also find a few of your Disney pals around.

Signs are at each of the 18 holes to give hints of how to play that hole, and give a hint at what effect you may encounter.

You start at Santa’s “Elfstream Winterbago,” a converted trailer home, gift shop and snack stand.

Santa even left a sleigh for photo ops! That guy thinks of everything.

Another item on Lisa’s list was bowling at Splitsville Luxury Lanes in Downtown Disney, and I have done that as well. Please check out that article, and please be sure to listen to Episode 29 for more of our Disney to dos!