If you are a semi regular listener to The Disney Exchange Podcast you know that I am not big on eating at table service restaurante. This isn’t because of the dining experience or that I don’t like to sit and eat, but because of the cost. I can get a similar meal for a lot less off property. I know, it’s not the same. Well, this will be a post about one of the few times I have dined at a table service restaurant.

Over the the past 5 years I have dined at a tabel service restaurant at Walt Disney World 17 times. I had to do some research to figure this out. Some of the places I had forgotten about. When I do the rough math in my head it looks to be about $1200 in dining which comes to about $240 a year. Doesn’t seem as bad as I thought. I am sure my quick serve bill over the past 5 years has exceeded that. This is not a posts about how much I don’t like spending money, but a post about the Kona Cafe.

We dined at Kona on Christmas morning. We were expecting it to be packed, but were able to get a reservation the day prior. That was probably because the reservation was right about the time the parks opened. The restaurant was pretty dead that morning. We were seated right at our reservation time by a nice hostes CM. That is where the niceness stopped. We were greeted by a server who wanted us to know she was not happy to be there that morning.

I get it, most people don’t want to work on Christmas, but if you have to work in the service business then you have to learn to fake it. Be nice to us and then go complain in the back. I’m cool with that. Make me feel like I am important. This will generate a much larger tip. It’s Christmas so the tip would be much larger since I know, without you being rude, that you probably don’t want to be there. OK, i’m done venting about that. Most service I have receive at WDW has been beyond wonderful so I don’t judge the rest off this one.


Let’s talk food since that’s what you came for. Pretty good. Not the best, but it’s breakfast so they’re all pretty much the same. There is one item you can get at Kona Cafe that you’re not going to find other places and that is the Tonga Toast. This is what I had. It’s “Banana-stuffed Sourdough French Toast rolled in Cinnamon Sugar and served with a Strawberry Compote and your choice of Ham, Bacon, or Sausage”. This was definitely something different. If you like french toast and you like bananas then you will probably like this. The strawberry compote was interesting. The Tonga Toast was good with or without it. I chose the bacon as my meat side. I was disapointed that the meal didn’t come with eggs, but after finishing the Tonga Toast I realised I couldnt have eaten the eggs.


My son got the Big Kahuna. Now this is a lot of food as well. It comes with “French Toast, Pancakes topped with Pineapple Sauce and Macadamia Nut Butter, Eggs, Home-fried Potatoes, Ham, Bacon, and Sausage”. This is one of those standard breakfast you could probably get just about anywhere. He’s not much of an adventurous eater so this was probably the best choice for him. I would not choose this on a future visit. The pancakes were ok, but not great. The rest of the food was acceptable.


One of the things I found odd, other than the server jsut being rude, is that she kept telling us that we should order the Kona Coffee. We had coffee with us already that we got at the Kona Island jsut outside the restaurant. When we said we weren’t interested in the coffee she went on to talk down to us explaining how the coffee we were drinking wasn’t REAL Kona coffee like they served in the restaurant. So, I guess what you can take away from this is that they serve REAL Kona coffee in the restaurant.

All in all it was a descent experience. I haven’t been back since, but I am open to trying it again. What are the chances I get a rude server twice in the same restaurant? So, if you are a server at a table service restaurant at WDW and I come in jsut realize that I may be cheap and drink water, but I have a lot of respect for the servers and know the pay ins’t great so I make sure to be a generous tipperr. Needless to say the server we had this day got my standard 15%. I wanted to tip less becuase of the service but it was Christmas.

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