I have been reading some of the complaints about the new FP+ option on My Disney Experience. Some of the issues are the app crashes and there are no FP+ options available. I will throw my 2 cents into this conversation. I haven’t used the app myself for a 4th FP yet, but I do like how they have it set up to obtain a FP. 
Here are my thoughts. Disney has never been really good at maintaining an app that works well. So, it didn’t work well before so no loss now. Once you finished with your 3rd FP there are no other “good” FP options available. To you, I say, you wouldn’t be able to get a good one if you walked up to a kiosk so what’s the issue.
I think we’re missing the point of the new FP+ rules. You don’t have to walk to a FP+ kiosk to get a 4th crappy FP, you can get that same 4th crappy FP on the app while you’re standing in line for your 3rd FP. It save you time wandering the park, going out of your way just to get to a kiosk.
The FP+ rules and updated app aren’t going to create more FP+ options, it’s just there to save you time and Disney money. They now don’t have to have as many CMs working at kiosks.
I know that many people love to complain about everything. Sometimes I am that guy, but in this case I think the changes are great.
I will be at WDW from the 15-22 of April and I will have plenty of time to test this out and let you know the real story behind the app.