By Nick

On the most recent episode of The Disney Exchange Podcast, Lisa, Dave and I discussed meeting Disney characters in Walt Disney World as well as on a Disney Cruise. We looked at where to meet characters in each park, but we missed a few I’m sure. One spot I KNOW we missed discussing was Pete’s Silly Sideshow in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World located within the  Storybook Circus section of Fantasyland.

Here, Pete, the perpetual Disney ne’er-do-well, has somehow managed to put together a sideshow of some of Disney’s biggest stars!

Signs for this spectacle greet you as you enter this area, beckoning you to step right up!

The Sideshow is located to the right of Big Top Souvenirs.

Once you enter you are greeted by “Astonishing Acts of Curiosity”, or Goofy, Donald, Daisy and Minnie as you’ve never seen them before!

Goofy is ‘The Great Goofini”, stunt goofster extraordinaire!

Donald Duck is “The Astounding Donaldo”,  snake mesmerist!

Daisy is “Madame Daisy Fortuna”, teller of fortunes.

And Minnie Mouse is “Minnie Magnifique”, with her dog act.

I found it somewhat interesting that the Imagineers chose the roles that most fit the personalities of the characters. Goofy, in his classic  “How To” cartoons, was a bit of a dare devil. Minnie is sweet, and her cartoons often have her interacting with dogs. And Donald and Daisy, let’s be honest, have a bit more of an edge to them, and their roles here seem fitting.

There are PhotoPass photographers here to get your photos, as well as take pictures with your personal cameras.

The exit leads you directly into  Big Top Souvenirs, in case you are in need of a snack after all the excitement of Pete’s Silly Sideshow!