The Disney Exchange is Lisa, Dave, and me, Nick!

We welcome Official Listener #50 this week! Hi Karen!

Lisa has technical issues and drops off, but rejoins us via smartphone. The edit of her returning to the show is smoooooth.

Listener question: is it okay to use someone else’s Magic Band / FastPass?

This week we share our favorite Epcot pavilions. Lisa, the brains of the operation, lay down the law ground rules as such:

“We’ll discuss our top 3 World Showcase pavilions based on three factors: overall appearance, entertainment, and food choices. Before we go around to reveal our final 3, we’ll each name an honorable mention pavilion and say what cost it a top 3 spot.”

During the show she springs on us something about not letting emotions dictate our choices, but as an artist (pronounced arteest, please and thank you) I have a hard time doing so! Dave and even Lisa also have a hard time with the rules. Such is the nature of our show. It wouldn’t be us if we stayed on topic and obeyed the rules!

Canadian Listeners: How do you feel about the film in the Canada Pavilion?

The new museum exhibit in Japan:

This weeks Wheel of Distiny topic was submitted by listener Shendl: Best restrooms. Excellent topic. It could probably make a whole show, and maybe we will revisit it.

Thanks for the suggestion Shendl! You can submit your Wheel or show ideas to : [email protected] and you can find us on Facebook :  and Twitter: 

Thank you for listening to The Disney Exchange!