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This week we start off having a fascinating discussion about forward and backward slashes. I know I really built this show up in the previous paragraph only to bring you into the reality of our world, and for that I apologize.

This is a forward slash - / and this is a back slash - \ .

The discussion was started with me mentioning a site my friend Alison shared that helps keep track of Disney Gift Cards, a topic we discussed back on Episode 76.

I continue to thank several of our listeners for giving feedback on Facebook, sharing their thoughts. We love that people are starting to interact, so thank you again!

Lisa thanks listeners from several states. Thank you people from EVERY state! AND Country. And Providence. And Prefecture. Etc.

I say more stuff which Lisa apparently tunes out, which leads to Dave telling about his recent experiences at Walt Disney World, sharing his thoughts on Sommerfest in the Germany Pavilion, the updated Norway Pavilion, and the updated Soarin,’ all found in Epcot.

Photos ; Dave

Our main topic, We Love the Nightlife. We share our perfect evening at Walt Disney World. Dave goes to Disney Springs, Lisa around the Monorail Loop, and I head to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, finally bringing us all together at Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk Resort.

Photo: Lisa


Our Wheel of Distiny topic is from Shendl (thanks as always!) : Our favorite Walt Disney World Cupcake.

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