The Disney Exchange is Dave, Lisa and ,me, Nick! 083 The Disney Exchange- Epcot Food & Wine Festival Planning.

Dave talks briefly about his weekend trip to Walt Disney World and we have some shout outs. Listener Shendl posted that I was correct about something on Facebook, which doesn’t sit well with my co-hosts. Shendl also had a good point concerning something discussed on last week’s American Patriotism at Walt Disney World episode; there is a bald eagle at Animal Kingdom’s Flights of Wonder show, and THAT is indeed pretty patriotic!

We gave some advise to listener Ken back on Episode 76 and he sent a really nice email thanking us! Thank YOU Ken, glad you had such a wonderful day, and your daughter is doing so well!

This week we share pre-trip planning tips, things we are looking forward to most, and touring suggestions for this year’s Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

The Wheel of Distiny topic: Favorite Scene from Spaceship Earth. It seems we may have covered that already, but somehow it made it’s way back onto the wheel, so we just go with it.

I make a pitch to bring Miss Pixie back, and say “her” a lot.

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