One of my favorite places to go while visiting Walt Disney World, is EPCOT’s World Showcase. I enjoy sampling the cuisines and cultures around the world without any jet lag. EPCOT seems especially nice during one of its yearly festivals like the Food and Wine Festival in the fall and its Flower and Garden Festival each Spring.


Normally, we walk through the festival sampling various offerings at the kiosks and enjoying live music. However, this past April, Anne and I partook in something a little different at the Flower and Garden Festival and just a little off the beaten path. In the England area of EPCOT’s World Showcase lies a small tea shop called the Tea Caddy. Sometimes, patrons may get to meet Stephen Twining of Twining Teas of London. His family started the famous tea company in a small storefront in The Strand, London, over 300 years ago. Tea enthusiasts can purchase boxes of tea and get them autographed by Twining. He’s a very pleasant fellow who knows his teas. He will even recommend a tea for you if you’re not sure which one you would like, according to Sarah. Who’s Sarah? An English cast member who did not like tea, until Twining introduced her to fruit flavored teas. How did we meet Sarah? She was our guide.


See, Anne and I decided to take the English Tea Garden tour. Outside the shop, in a small courtyard, there were pots overflowing with all sorts of plants. Little did we know at first glance, but these were all stops in the tea tour. Sarah waked us around the tiny garden explaining the various teas including how they are grown and picked. We even got to sample on of Twining’s new cold-brew teas.

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To guarantee your spot on an upcoming tour, simply talk to one of the cast members who work in the Tea Caddy. The tour is free, but it does have a space limit. It’s a fun way to experience the World Showcase in a different way.

Do you search out the free things that WDW has to offer?