RM-Memento-Mori-Ghost-HostOn Episode 16 of The Disney Exchange Podcast, we had some fun with ride vehicles.  After recording that show with Nick and Dave, I felt a little let down.  I did get to say what I’d do with a vehicle from each park if I got to take it home with me.  I did not get to wax poetic about which awesome modes of attraction travel are my favorite.  Then I remembered that we have this blog!  HA!  I can speak my mind here and don’t ever have to worry about Dave or Nick interrupting me or stealing one of my best ideas.  This makes me feel better and is a pretty sweet deal.  I suppose I should have named this post, “Lisa’s Walt Disney World - Best Ride Vehicles”.  And, without further ado, here they are:

1. Doom Buggy - I love how they glide by on the omnimover conveyer belt.  Curved like gigantic black eggs, once you board, you feel isolated from the rest of the World as you (and your Ghost Host) make your way through the Mansion.  I love the feeling of tilting and moving backwards!  Honestly, I could ride a Doom Buggy all day.

2. Ship in Peter Pan’s Flight - Colorful, adorable, cozy, and AWESOME!  Climb aboard and float through all the best parts of the Peter Pan story!  There’s nothing unlovable about a tiny, whimsical little flying ship.RM-Peter-Pan-Ship

3. PeopleMover - First of all, the upholstery is the perfect color blue (makes me look beautiful in selfies).  Riders can face in whichever direction they prefer.  I guess there’s a bit of a theme going on here - I love the smooth ride of omnimovers, but not all the best vehicles have super-smooth rides.RM-PeopleMover-Cruising

4. Limo - STRETCH limo (Rock’n’ Roller Coaster) - They’re awesome looking with their snazzy blue exterior, clever license plates, wicked-cool fins, and heavy duty restraints.  I love the music in my ear and the excitement of the countdown before that quick shot out onto the freeway.RM-Rock'n'-Roller-Coaster-Limo

5. The Toy Story Midway Mania cars - They’re so fun and, well, toy-like (go figure) with their bright colors and carnival-ish decorations.  As our vehicle arrives at the loading platform, I always have a thrilling moment deciding which color cannon I want.  My husband lets me pick as if that will somehow let me score more points.  Hahaha.  I’m always the lowest score in the vehicle, but I don’t care.  I love that ride!RM-TSMWM-Vehicle

Disclaimer:  Just because I said the vehicles are my favorite, doesn’t mean their coordinating rides are my favorite.  I’ll save my favorite ride list for another day.

What is YOUR favorite ride vehicle?