By Nick

Sunday 1/22/17

We slept in. Okay, 7am IS sleeping in for me. We dropped our bags at bell services (for the reason for the room move, please see part one) and grabbed breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery before hopping a bus to Disney Springs.

We arrived around 9:30am, and had much of Town Center to ourselves. It was National Polka Dot Day, and Disney was celebrating with a promotion called Rock the Dots. Guests were encouraged to dress in polka dots, and many Disney Springs establishments were giving out buttons and offering discounts to those Rockin’ the Dots.

We met Gaylin and proceeded around DS visiting shops before being treated to lunch at Wolfgang Puck Express. Thank you again Gaylin!

Next we made a stop at Amorette’s Pattisserie, where Gaylin picked up a delicious gluten free snack.

We walked back towards Town Center on the way to the Coca Cola Store, and who do we see walking in the same direction, but Minnie Mouse! She was making her way to the Rockin’ the Dots dance party!

After a little dance with Minnie, we headed to the Coca Cola Store. The place is really big, and contains just about everything a fan of our favorite soda can think of. AND you can get a photo with The Bear!

We took a bus back to the Boardwalk around 3, and I went to the desk to inquire if perhaps I just didn’t get texted that the room was ready (it’s happened) and was told that it still was not.

The Cast Member noticed Barbie and Gaylin’s attire and buttons and said she was heading over to Disney Springs after her shift to hopefully get a button. Barbie had an extra, and gave it to her. We believe this little act of kindness was paid forward the next day (stop back for part 3)!

We sat in the lobby for a little while, and happened to see friends Heather and Rich as they were waiting for Tragical Magical Express back to the airport. Great to meet you both again!

After 20 minutes, and still no room, we decided to just head to Epcot.

It started to rain lightly, and then pour just as we approached Japan, so we ducked inside the Mitsukoshi Department Store.

When we left it had cleared up, so we took advantage of a couple of the photo ops the International Festival of the Arts afforded.

The only FastPass we had was for Frozen Ever After. We’d missed it in October due to Hurricane Matthew, so I was looking forward to it. It is not a long ride, and certainly not, in my opinion, worth the extremely long lines, but if you have a FP to use, it’s enjoyable.

When we got off the ride, we spent time in the shop, as it had started to rain again…

… and waited for a break to go over to Mexico, where Donald was waiting in his finest Mexican attire!

We walked down to Spaceship Earth, which had zero wait, so took a ride before saying goodnight to Gaylin.

Barbie and I walked back towards International Gateway rather briskly as the forecast was for extreme thunder storms and even tornado watches!

By the time we got to Great Britain, we were starved, so made a decision to grab a quick bite at Yorkshire County Fish and Chips.

No sooner had we popped the last chip in our mouths, it started to rain lightly.

We made it back to the BW just in time to avoid the deluge! Our room had a good view for the storm!

As one band of rain went by around 7:45pm, the Magic Kingdom apparently decided to present Wishes a little early, and Illuminations went off very early at Epcot!

The rain started back up not to long after, on and off all evening. But this led to some lovely days afterwards!