By Nick

Sunday, April 23rd 

We slept in a bit and had breakfast at the Pepper Market at Coronado Springs before heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

After riding Dinosaur we walked back towards Discovery Island Trails and walked through the shops. I was in search of a hat. I’m not a big hat fan, but I’m even less of a fan of putting sunscreen on my face as I generally break out from it and just don’t like how it feels.


Me, Trevor, Zach, Barbie and Jill

While in the shop I received a text from my Disney Exchange co-host Lisa saying that she, her husband Raymond, and their son Joseph were in DAK also, at the Nomad Lounge, located inside Tiffins. I texted our other co-host, Dave, and told him where we were all meeting up.

We spent a couple of hours having adult beverages, snacks and a good time together!

  Lisa, Dave and me

We left there and took photos in front of the Tree of Life, and said goodbye to Dave.

Joseph, Raymond, Lisa, Dave, Barbie and me

We headed to Kilimanjaro Safaris, stopping at Dawa Bar, because, well, it is a long walk and it was a hot day.

Lisa and her family left for awhile, and our group had dinner at Yak and Yeti.  We ran into friends Jennifer and Chris (see part one) on our way over to meet Lisa, her family and Dave at the Fastpass entrance to Rivers of Light.

While waiting for Lisa, our friends Beth and Amanda spotted us, and we sat with them during the show.


Ah, Rivers of Light. It is, well, it’s okay. It isn’t something that I would wait to see again. For one, the bleacher seats are not comfortable enough for prolonged periods. And the show is sort of aimless. The music and visuals were pleasant enough, but it lacks a hook.

We said goodnight to everyone and headed back to the resort for the evening.

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