One thing is inevitable when visiting Walt Disney World in the summer….. Rain!!

We were recently at the Magic Kingdom when we were assaulted by mother nature. When we arrived at the Magic Kingdom it was a beautiful morning. The sun was rising as well as the temperature. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. For many people this would be a sign of how the day would remain, but for Florida residents, and most residents of the southern states, we know that the weather could change in seconds. It could even be raining when it is completely sunny. The unexpected, but kind of expected, afternoon rain storm got us trapped on our last visit. There are many options as to what to do when it is storming, but I am going to discuss my top 3.


Ok, this may not be my top thing to do when it is raining, but since there are girls in my family it has to be on the list. When the rain comes to the Magic Kingdom one of the best places to head is Main Street. All the shops on either side of the street are connected. This give you an opportunity to tour all of the Main Street shops without going outside, unless you want to head to the other side of the street. There is enough stuff to look at, and probably buy, on main street that you could be occupied for hours and not even notice the rain. I believe that Disney likes it when it rains because it pushes guests into the shops. the downfall of shopping when it is raining is that it can get a little crowded. If you don’t like the shopping idea then check out my next tip.



I love to eat. Especially at WDW. The Magic Kingdom may not have to greatest selection of dining options, but when you’re trying to hide from the rain it doesn’t really matter. My fist choice for dining when it is raining is Columbia Harbour House. This is one of my favorite places to dine at the Magic Kingdom, even when it’s not raining. The food is good and, in Disney dining cost, inexpensive. There is a lot of seating and you will remain dry. Another place that has an abundance of seating is Pinocchio Village Haus. This is probably my least favorite place to eat. The food is ok, but not a place I would choose on a regular basis. The only reason I eat here is to hide from a storm. One other place that I like to fill my belly while it is raining is Casey’s Corner. There is not a lot of seating, but since it is on Main Street and the girls are shopping, I get there without getting wet. Main Street is probably the most convenient place to be when it is raining.



There are many indoor attractions at the Magic Kingdom. I will name a few that will keep you out of the rain for an extended period of time. The first is the dreaded (I actually like this attraction) Hall of Presidents. At just under 23 minutes you will have plenty of time to hang out in hopes that the rain will stop while you are in there. You could sit in the waiting area for a while between shows which will give you even longer out of the rain. The next place I would suggest to go in the rain is Pirates of the Caribbean. The ride is a descent length and the queue is covered. One other benefit is that if you get off the ride and it is still raining you can get back in line without going out in the rain. Finally, Space Mountain will get you out of the rain for a bit. The line is usually really long and it is indoors. You could stand in line for an hour or so and with the latest refurbishment you now have games to play while you wait. The bad part about this ride is that you have to go outside to get back to the line unlike Pirates. These are only 3 of my attraction options, but there are many more.


So, those are my top 3 options of ways to stay out of the rain. In the summer, in Florida, afternoon rain showers, sometimes severe, are inevitable. What are some of your tips for staying dry at WDW?