RM-Country-Bears-StageCountry Bear Jamboree - you pretty much either love it or hate it.  I fall firmly into the first category and I can’t seem to get enough of those big lugs!  Whenever I find myself anywhere near Frontierland, I feel the need to drop in at Grizzly Hall and catch a show.  When Episode 14 of The Disney Exchange took us for a walk around the Magic Kingdom, I started thinking about what might draw people like me to those crooning critters and their particular brand of musical entertainment.  I love lists, so I came up with this one - see if you agree!

You Might Be a Country Bear Fan IF:

1. You love animatronics!  The bears and their wall-hanging trophy pals are some pretty awesome examples of Disney’s genius with animatronics.  Why, I almost forget they’re not real singing animals!RM-Country-Bear-Musical-Number

2. You love large furry mammals!  They’re interesting characters no matter how you feel about the show material.  RM-Country-Bears-Stage RM-Country-Bear-JamboreeThe stage is gorgeous and the bears represent their species in an incredible array of shapes and sizes.  Henry, the show’s emcee, Liver Lips McGrowl, The Sun Bonnet Trio, Trixie, Big Al, The Five Bear Rugs and all the rest of the gang are wonderful to see!  RM-Country-Bears-Baby-OscarPersonal fave?  Baby Oscar! Who can not absolutely adore baby Oscar and his teddy bear?  Look at that FACE!  RM-Country-Bears-TrophiesBuff (voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft!), Max, and Melvin on the wall add even more character (haha) to the Jamboree!

3. Your humor tends to border on the raunchy or irreverent.  The show is decidedly politically IN-correct, with songs about child abuse, ugly women, and more.  One of the best, to me, is “All the Guys That Turn Me On, Turn Me Down” (sung by the Sun Bonnets).  RM-Country-Bears-Sun-Bonnet-TrioSeriously, where else can you find stuff like this anymore?  Not since reruns of Hee Haw, has there been a more entertaining collection of country western fun!

4. You love Disney history!  This show was Walt’s baby and originally intended for a never-built ski resort in California called Mineral King.  After Walt’s death, plans for the resort ended, but the Country Bears found a home in Florida instead.  Here’s a great article if you want more info on the topic.RM-Country-Bear-Stage-Detail RM-Country-Bears-Henry RM-Country-Bear-Guitar

5. You’re hot, cold, tired, or it’s raining.  Let’s face it - sometimes it’s just good to take a load off indoors at Walt Disney World.  The waiting area is inside, the theater is comfortable, the show is interesting (even if you’re not bowled over by the song lyrics), and that, my friends, certainly counts for something.

Look, it’s only 17 minutes long - if you haven’t yet experienced the Country Bear Jamboree or it’s been a while, pay them a visit when next you find yourself in Frontierland.  Tell ’em Lisa sent you!

Shout on out if you love the Country Bear Jamboree as much as I do!!!